Looking for a headless

Trading Hard Sunken Legs, Bursting Sunken Chestplate, Keen sunken leggings, swift sunken leggings for a headless

id say add more good enchant sunkens


more hard sunken pieces, powerful sunken pieces, clean/strong sunken swords, etc
most people offer a strong ss plus another clean/good enchant sunken piece for a headless. youre gonna have to match that value

but I got a headless for just a strong sunken sword how has the value went up that much

its more that people want overpays for their headlesses since its relatively hard to get one

I see

I’m confused that just sounds like the value went up more with extra steps

The value didn’t really go up, it’s just that now MOST traders agree that SSS = Headless
Since SSS is still obtainable and headless was an event exclusive seasonal, a lot of people want pretty good overpays for it

i mean the value did kind of go up, since most people dont want to trade their headlesses, and people who own like 20 headlesses, dont trade. Only nuc kinda trades now and as someone who own a lot of headlesses. Like Nick who owns like 50 headlesses, already left the game and is waiting for AO…

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