Looking for a powerful wizard set

will trade some boss drops for the set.
Discord: scout#0862

What kid of drops are we talking?

exiled armor i guess

Mk I can probably trade tomight, if not we can do it tomorrow when I get back home from school.

I’ve got the items if its still available

sorry about being late but its still available

alr whats the boss drops? and do u want amulets too?

dont need amulets but i got a hard exiled chest piece and a keen one

ill take the hard one. Join my alt VeryRealBox

had to go, will be online in about 30 minutes


lemme steal the trade from you
nah jk i wont

you stole this from meeeee :frcryin:

i still dont have the wizard set yet :sleeper:


warp meghantheescallion

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