Looking for Armor and an Amulet

I buying Lvl 60 Nimble Leather Armor, a Lvl 60 Strong Defense Amulet (Dull) and a Lvl 60 Swift Casting Speed Amulet (Dull)

In return, I will give Lvl 50 Swift Iron Armor, Strong Iron boots (Lvl 50), a Hard Iron Helmet (Lvl 50). I will also give a Lvl 60 Forceful Magic Size Amulet (Dull) and and a Lvl Keen Knockback Amulet (Dull)

If you really want to, I’ll pay 328 Crowns instead.

Discord Username: Sentient Toaster#9343
Roblox Username: hiphopguy101
In game name: Stein Banks

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