Looking for crystalline arcmancer gear

I will get:
Crystalline Arcmancer Set (any or all of the pieces, just have to have crystalline)

Items I am willing to trade:
5x Stromcaller
4x Triasta of bronze
1x Plunderers
Calvus Drops
Cernyx Drops
Some other boss drops
Variety of exotic enchants (not armored or powerful)
Exotic and rare gems
1x Interchange potion (You will have to convince me)
1x Legendary fish scales
1x golden apple
Mage, Arcmancer, and Arcanium Armor gear (no modifiers except Atlantean)
Vitality gear (no modifiers except Atlantean)
Strength Gear (no modifiers except Atlantean)
Edit: Also have selino, axe-slash, pulsar, javelin, and surge (I think) scrolls

Reply to this post if you are interested with a trade you think is reasonable and we can find a time to complete it.

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