Looking for Exiled helm, giving 2k crowns for it

Looking for Exiled helm, giving 2k crowns for it

i have one thats lvl 80+

do you have any good weapons that you dont need? if so add them in and lower the crowns to 1.5k, if not u can still buy it from me

I’ve got an Exiled helmet for you, I’ll take the crowns.

Ok, give me a little while to build my crowns back up (I spent it on upgrading my oathkeeper.)

Sounds good! Let me know when you’re ready.

who are you replying to?-

I replied to VikForFirstNoble

It’ll take roughly 30 minutes but I’ll try to get it in 10-20 minutes.

Works for me

Sorry I’m taking so long, none of the npcs have apprentice quests so I’ve been doing novice quests which don’t give as much, I just need a little bit more time and then I’ll have it.

No worries! I understand. Take as much time as needed :slight_smile:

I’ve finally got the 2k!

Sounds good!

My username is VikForFirstNoble, join me and we can trade

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