Looking for Fishbait

Trading away my sunken for fishbait.

100k Fishbait for any enchant SS
075k Fishbait for any enchant Sunken Armor
050k Fishbait for any enchant Sunken Helm/Legs

Can dm me here ➤ Sleepy💤#0001

And he’s back again

Dude the only reason you would need that much fishbait at a time is if you are macroing there is actually no reason other then that to have 100k fish bait.

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Lol no he just wants anyone who sees his inventory to have their pc crash so no one sends him bad trades anymore.

Okay this is cool and all, but how do you expect someone to give you 100k fish bait in a trade, doesn’t that mean someone has to click their fish bait in their inventory 100.000 times or am I just dumb?

There’s autoclickers for that :man_shrugging:

Still, an autoclicker clicks, what, 15 per second on average? That’s still so long…

Well if someone wants a sunken sword that badly, so be it.

Haha clicky go brrrrr

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your trades sound too good to be true

but, just like the previous comments, use alts and an autoclicker

This chappy is a weird one. He just wants to crash people so they can’t send him god awful trades. He doesn’t sell his fish for that exact reason


he chance to perpetrate in minor consignments of delinquency

Plus I should add alex is a game mod soooo.

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If you can’t find an auto clicker that clicks faster than 15 times a second, maybe you shouldn’t be talking about something you don’t know enough about. Really the main limiter on auto clicking for online things is just the ping to the server.

Getting an auto clicker to click 100k times isn’t hard or requires any amount of effort. Set the thing up to click on bait, go afk for 10-20-30 minutes, trade is set up, click send, I click accept trade done.

Getting the bait first however is more painful for sure, but there’s no rng involved.

Having more fishbait isn’t going to make anyone lag. Having more seperate items will however. Also I send all my actual worth trading items like sunken to a different slot, so trading can be done on that slot if needed without the lag of my main slot.

Or, I’m just lazy to buy fish bait, and am willing to trade sunken items away for fishbait. Like sure I can spend 20 hours buying 100k fishbait, or I can use those 20 hours to fish for a single random sunken item on average.

For me this trade looks like a steal, since you’re spending less time on average to get a sunken item of your choice.

On average to get your desired enchanted sunken sword it would take 24k fish which is about 240 hours. Or you could spend 20 hours to get one, and bypassing all that rng of fishing.

Reminds me of the good ol days when arrows were currency.

smoke arrow Capital

ah :+1: