Looking For Hard Exiled Helmet

Items on the shelf

2 Vastiras clean
3 Mino chest plates clean
2 Mino Leggings clean
1 Forcful Mino Leggins
1 Bursting Mino Leggins
2 Mino helms clean

Can do a mix of these items to trade for

Mino :nauseated_face:


Are you willing to trade, enchanted boss drops, for cleans ones? for example. I have a hard Vastiras will you be willing to trade that clean one for it?

sorry no, since a unechanted vastira has a chance to get other enchants, and the hard vastira is already set. The clean ones are a bit more valuable, unless its strong

I have hard exiled helmet what can i get for it?

i can give 2 vastiras, or anything else in the list i made, as i said i can do a mix of items

alr im down

alr, so 2 axes?




i can already see yours so just join world of magic and ill come to you

tell me when your on

Alright, Im in game

alr coming

Its not shroud that’s my older brother acc

oh then what is it?

InjectedExecuteAll let me put my join on to everyone

pleasure doing buissnes