Looking for: Hard Wizard Gear, Hard Dull Power Amulet, and Hard/Powerful Defense Amulet for my sunken chestplates

Title, I also have an Oathkeeper. Just want the stuff above nothing else.

What is your username on roblox ill join and see what I got

Kurorade, I’ll change my settings rq

Alright joined.



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hot man

This must be the best W for H0T in years, maybe ever

how desperate were you???

¯_(ツ)_/¯ I didn’t have any use for the armor so I was just like eh whatever screw it

You could’ve gotten more with that sunken chest :skull:

I’ve never been big on trading and I quit for like a year, what’s the value of sunkens now?

Still high on value, not to sure, you can ask either Drama, box, or nuclearman

Or me :sunglasses:

bruh you screwed up on values lmao


Average Headless Head Trading Fan

Average Overpaying for everything enjoyer


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