Looking for Headless Giving Strong Sunken Sword

Dm me if you want to trade: Yeyito#0777

Add more and it’s a deal

Nimble sunken legs

More, at least a full sunken set (no ass enchants) it’s gonna take a lot of u want my headless

Not happening, sorry

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A lot of people have done this trade. You’ll probably get the headless dude.

Nope, headless is now = to a strong Ss. Also meaning that now people must offer even more than that, since obv headless in the future will be worth 10x more

Doesn’t mean he won’t get the trade haha.

With all due respect it’s not reaaaaaally = it but technically it is and I can agree on that, but that being said that does not mean people have to overpay more than a strong ss for it, that happens if most trades like that, and currently most trades for headlesses are just a strong ss with a tiiny bit of overpay.

True, but he most likely won’t.

For noobs, a strong Ss is more than enough for a headless, but on the forums, everyone wants a overpay because they KNOW what will happen in the future.

Still has a pretty good sized chance. Can’t lose hope while trading!

🤷🏻 all I can really say Is gl, if he does get a trade like that, then congrats ig.

Yeah you can want overpay that’s how the forums work, but imo a strong ss + a FULL clean set is pretty ridiculous, personally most I’d overpay is like a clean helm/boots.

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Wouldn’t be surprised at all if the trade was finished. A lot of people have done this before. And if he can’t do it on forum, he’ll most likely complete it ingame.

That’s the only trade a smart trader would give their headless for rn

True, but once again VERYYY unlikely, WoM is dead rn and most of the noobs who have headless have already been scammed. Everyone I see with a headless nowadays knows what theyre doing.

You raise a good point but I beg to differ, for example I took a trade of a clean ss + hard ss and a clean helmet which is arguably less value or maybe the same idk of a strong ss, but the reason something like that is better is because I got 2 sunken swords and more ability to “scam” :flushed: (which I kinda did? someone sent me a trade of a headless for the hard one and they added boss drops too :ez:) and is also generally a better investment since sunken armour will very likely lose a shitton of value whilst sunken sword may lose a little if none.

I’d recommend you get a trade of 2 sunken swords which don’t have to be more or less than a strong ss just has to be 2 so you have a better investment. (rather than armour)

Literally have seen people trade their headless for strong ss on the forums, stop making shit up in order to get a better deal, it’s not happening.

You are completely correct, but the player count is so low these opportunities from inexperienced traders are almost impossible to find nowadays, when the game was still active this investment would’ve been genius.