Looking For Headless Heads! Offering Sunkens and more!

Yeah I can offer either the following for a headless:

  • 1 Clean Sunken Sword
  • 1 Hard Sunken Helmet (Maxed)
  • 1 Hard Sunken Leggings (Maxed)
    If you want I can also add the following:
  • Boss Drops
  • Other Seasonals
  • Crowns
    If interested, DM DaProdigyPlayz#4475 or reply below. :smiley:

cough cough

there you go

I got a Headless for trade

okay what are you interested in particular @Wrath ?

I am interested in where this goes.

I have a headless, can I have the Hard sunken sword?

its a clean sunken sword

yes whats your roblox username?

join me ign DaProdigyPlayz

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