Looking for INSANELY GOOD pvpers (leaderboard?)

i just got crushed by a leaderboard fame user and theyre so good (iron leg explosion)
i wish i could train with them but they gtg and i dont think i’ll ever see them again
there’s no super good pvper i know who i can reliably 1v1

list of good pvpers i know: NewbornOFPOX, xXCoolGaming1998Xx, lastblood162

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list of bad pvpers: racerblaze, Theoofderp (Warrior noob) EJEP10, Gamer713Cornelius

this guy tryna jumped me on a munera duel between me and my friend
bro got killed like 3 times, didnt kill us once
I would say hes decent but he uses iron leg so thats kinda a crutch

this guy spams aoe, nowhere near good lol (also focus hp abuse)

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wait so everyone is secretly bad in a way??? and relying on meta/crutches??? :skull:

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where is deity

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i dont know who youre talking about

also i forgot to mention but i was a mage when fighting them (they were all fighting style users)

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deity is eu

archen is i think asia

my fault

im up for a match rn if ur avalible
be warned i may get myself rekt

sure we could 1v1

username: EeveePikachu54

warning: i have 5 notoriety and i am too broke to pay it off

I’m decent. Above average probably. I mean winning a 5v2 against vindiking, some other dude I forgor , wood thermo (actually cracked), kimimaro cosplayer (kinda sucked), thermo warlord. Idk if that says something

puunishment is pretty fuckin good at pvp
he greened me on a 4 hour experience mage, and I couldn’t even get him to red hp on my highest kill and experience warlock vs his leaderboard berserker

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holy shit but i sadly dont think puunishment is asia

That’s the thing. He uses berserker. That’s not skill that’s just broken

no he’s actually good
he’s not the go super high and smash type of berserker, he’s the rushdown kind and play berserker like you’re supposed to. it’s pretty obvious given that he has over 1k kills in 400 hours + he’s using thermo fist

Berserker isn’t broken lol?

Enter the Atlas community, there is a lot of good pvpers there, if you dont know how to just search RKMisk in the YouTube, bro is very good at pvp too, Nice guy

I was a leaderboard player a couple of times but I just quit until the next update because of the unbalanced metamancers roaming around (iron leg warlord two striking gales 200+ damage)