Looking for Keen gear

Looking for Keen gear.
The Keen gear in specific

Keen Dull Casting Speed Amulet (any lvl but preferably 80)

Keen Dull Defense Amulet (any lvl but preferably 80)

Keen Wizard Robes (color doesnt matter, any lvl but preferably 80)

What I will put up for the equipment

Strong Dull Defense Amulet (Level 80)
Hard Teal Wizard hat (Level 80)

Hard Blue Wizard Robes (Level 80)

Clean Level 80 Dull Power Amulet

Clean Level 50 Dull Defense Amulet

Clean Level 70 Dull Defense Amulet

Contact me on Discord if you want to trade, my tag is: epic poggers#5929
Not taking any other offers than what was listed

i have level 70 keen black wizard robes, can i trade for those hard blue wizard robes? also i can add crowns to what i give pls pls i want

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