Looking for lost king's crown & power amulet

i have:

  • 15k galleons
  • x4 bursting scrolls
  • x3 amplified scrolls
  • x3 lance of loyalty
  • x1 lion’s halberd
  • x1 argos’ armor and helmet
  • ash ram & cannon
  • explosion ram
  • hard defense amulet
  • thunderspear

When will u be on I’ll trade you

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i can finally use my laptop, what do you want for it? i already have the armor and cape, still looking for leggings and crown

could i get 3 amp scrolls for the leggings or is that asking too much ?

2 scrolls?


username is Nintenbro6, i’m getting ingame right now

Crown for halberd + armor + 1k galleons? I have a hard time letting go of my precious calvus drops hehe.

server full?

iam on my way (totally didnt forget i was trading)

no thanks

you can join mrnoobypants31

switching servers

have a good one!


u too

I got a fair power amulet

1k galleons + lance of loyalty for it?

I kinda feel like thats overpricing but im still gonna take, too bad you replied at the wrong time lol, im doing something rn so how about later?

OH wait, i just remembered I already traded it sorry