Looking for poison tooth dagger

for galleons only, price is negotiable

you should offer something else, not many people would accept giving such a rare item for galleons

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i’ve got 4 hard scrolls, 4 bursting, 4 amplified, 2(or 3?) strong scrolls, and a hard defense amulet. what do you think would be a fair trade?

i do also have 15k galleons actually

I’m not completely sure about the values of items myself, but with how rare poison tooth dagger is you’ll probably need to give up strong scrolls or/and hard scrolls or/and the amulet.
(btw I don’t have the dagger myself I’m just trying to help you out)

none of what you have doesnt seem good enough but some mage or non wep user might wanna look at those strong scrolls idk. Though personally i think poison tooth is worth alot more

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