Looking for powerful amulets/wizard set

trading a bunch of sunken items for headless
trading boss drops (i have lots of mino and exiled drops) for powerful wizard items/amulets and trading for fish bait

how many bad enchant boss drops can I get for a full power build?

Which boss drop (or how much fish bait) would you offer for powerful power amulets?

mino chest or lets for 1

full power build for full mino set (no axe) ?

oh wait nvm, i cant read

u gotta specify lol

ill do power set for boss drops but can you specify which enchants you want

Ill give you a powerful wizard pants for a hard pants

Which ?

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what about bad enchant boss drops like forceful, swift, busting, or keen?

i got basically one of each item

powerful for everything

thats not gonna be enough, macro fishers drove up the price

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whats the price en

Headlesses rn are 3 strong sunken swords I believe
So ur gonna need more if you want headless

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