Looking for Powerful Sunken Chestplate

Quandale Dingle here, im looking for a powerful sunken chest and I am offering 2 clean SS.
My discord is Holy Roman Empire#0112

hard overpay but i dont have stuff

I can give a hard


Wrong thing hes not new


why r u constantly trying to cockblock others just because you cant do it? dick move ngl, if it’s in #marketplace anything goes but if its in #game-discussion:trading-discussion then u let them know n such

PM’ed him saying the same thing, he’s looking purely for a powerful one

Ok i have one

On disc or forum

forum, discord is shtinky

usually i dm people on forum first and if they dont seem to respond i go discord route

Fair enough

just letting them know. Is being slightly nice a bad thing now?

its not being nice its just being a greedy fucker, just imagine that for example that theres a trade of 3 headlesses for a sunken, and you had that sunken, but you check the trade post only to find out someone told them that they were offerring too much just because they didn’t have the sunken, you’d feel pretty pissed no? Luckily drip still managed to snag the trade, but it’s not always so lucky.

If a #marketplace post is already made and set it’s kinda an unwritten rule that you don’t really go out of your way to let them know if it’s overpay unless they ask or make a #game-discussion:trading-discussion post. You’re not being nice, you’re being a hog.

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I mean I’d rather people be able to make the most of their inventory

Didn’t you guys some some guy named Lost out of trading for scamming kids anyways

Also your talking like the person your scamming isn’t also gonna be pissed once they find out real values

?? makes no sense wdym

I’ll assume you’re trying to say get the most out of their buck, but that just up to them if they decide to take the short time to find out if they’re getting a half-decent deal or not or even just ask someone about it, #marketplace is vicious, but not THAT vicious.

Scamming =/= getting a lowball trade

Scamming is when you lie to a seemingly unknowing player and telling them your offer is good when it’s really shit or scummy persuasion, lost did that a lot and is also generally a toxic person (actually toxic, not the forum standard toxic) so he is disliked, and has a shit reputation.

As I said above scamming =/= lowball trade, they decided to make the trade post while lacking knowledge and refusing to take more or less a few hours to learn basic values and know whether they’re getting something half decent or not, there’s also PLENTY of resources now than there was before to learn values so I don’t wanna hear you saying that it’s hard or anything.

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Fine you win,
At least that kind of stuff forces them to learn
I still somewhat disagree but I don’t want it to drag out

“hard overpay”


you mean beyond hated