Looking for PVP tips

Tired of feeling like I can’t play the game because I can’t fight someone so what are y’all’s tips for pvping someone

Focus on your skill and see mistakes youd probably make, fix them
Pratice mouse cursor aiming through softwares

Practice following:
Timing - learning your attack, when to use, best time to use/combo.
Ex: early snare, visibly misses
Learn your timing and dont make unnecessary attacks that would likely miss.

Prediction - learn how your enemy moves, predict their moveset and and patterns.
Ex: using a specific pattern of attacks/dash or jump timing and directions
Best for free hits when they arent doing much

Movement - try and have movility to yourself, make it harder for people to predict.your movements. Be quick about your thoughts.as well

Be unpredictable and be fast at thinking your next moves for free hits. And learning how to chase those who flee from.you

Ex: switching your drections most of the time and pattern of movement.

Gear - will help if you have a hard time just because of your gear

Learning mechanics - learn how to use and make attacks, know your class, know your sets.

Keep pvping, maintain and keep pvping and youll get better. Also be unpredictable and if you really wanna prove yourself, dont air stall and dont spam teleportion.

A good class to praxtice this with imo is a non meta mage class, this way if you get good with an average magic youd probably have better chances at using other skills above that average.magic instead of being carried by a magic.

(Glass mage/fire mage would be the one for me if i were to practice)


see mistakes youd probably make, fix them

What kind of “mistakes” should I be looking out for?

(Glass mage/fire mage would be the one for me if i were to practice)

I main an Acid conjurer build, if that helps with anything

Acid conjurer seems rounded enough for practice imo

As in mistakes in my terms its pretty.simple, look out for unncessory moves you make, mistakes with moves, why you were vulnable, why you drained easily, wrong loadouts, failed chases, etc.

Youll want to reducd those mistakes as much as possible so they wont get in the way of combat

Unless you are fighting a cancerous meta build like a lightning conjurer in the rain with the most meta loadout then no arguing about mistakes on that ngl

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What if the mistake is getting stuck in the unbreakable floor (was at munera for a friendly match, got grabbed and cratered soo hard i physically couldn’t escape the floor)

games fault then, most likely use common sense for what you’re doing wrong, not by game bugs or whatever.

But yeah PvP like most othet skills falls down to practice,practice,practice
I would reccommend getting a rival as they will always out level you so they become a miniboss espically if you pick a rival that counters your build
And thanks to rivals moving
The arena is vonstantly changing

this pretty good tips

bre pvp cieling is decent in this game like practice for week or so with a freind who’s also decent or better and u should be capable of dying to #1 lb deviable who is a literal ghost with like infinite invisibility potions

bro I feel grateful for deviable giving me invisibility potions during a war and the true potency of it even if it didn’t affect transparency as much
with it I’ve been making people flop more :sob:
grinding more of those now

and I din’t realize how easy it was to obtain grah

Obtain grah?

But yeah for ship pvp
Or water pvp
Consider: blood/gale burst/nova potions

its a funny strat if im honest bre i have the funniest story of when i fought deviable

What is grah

habit of me saying 'grah"

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how does one know when a rival counter their build…?

like, a berserker rival for a mage ?

Actually imo berserker is a fun rival
But nah gind one with a mix of range and close range
My rival is a poison+crystal+iron leg savant
Which means i can get my skull caved in anywhere

mine is a boxing warlord ( take even less dmg when block ) with guns… yeah i think im good

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