Looking For Sunken

no clean should be the leader since its the most important, swift is the best enchantment, strong is the most valuable and hard the the clown


will that just increase hitboxes or something?

pretty much

in ao weapons wont be complete and utter shit anymore so strong will probably be the best, bursting might be better than swift but idk, for now swift is the best

Swift still may be better because stamina will be useful without the use of fruit
also ez

I was this close to claiming that username a couple days ago, and it wasn’t taken at the time, but I didn’t because I didn’t really have a reason to. This close :pinched_fingers:

you get bursting now :skull:

you can still get HardSunkenSword and join our gang of sunkens

alright sure

Also ill play wom if you do it also

no do hard

Ao is in a few months wont make sense :nerd_face:

b o t h

just make hard and bursting
for now use hard

ok cam does that


now all thats left is to find a hard, swift and clean sunken sword for all of us

it is done

well I have a clean but it’s clean so :frpensive: