Looking For Sunken

Looking for sunken, Dm me on discord to see my items. PS: i dont got alot of items but its a decent amount. Discord: flux#4532


tbh seems like an alt

quick tip: if you include what items you have to offer here in this post youll get trades way faster since most traders are too lazy to reach out to you if they dont know what youre offering


Oh thanks

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its not

bro gave up on cropping it :pensive:

If I am on my phone I screen shot it, if I am on my laptop I use the snipping tool.

yeah all the 2 traders who still go on this website

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Ie: bitchinput and nuclear

i have a strong sunken sword does that make me a trader?

do you have a shop and actively trade?

I am strong sunken sword

hopefully that is the right topic

it is :fr:

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I am swift sunken sword

All we need now is Hard and Clean sunken sword

I am the sunken finder Proof

we need someone to make hard and clean, preferably 2 different people so we can make a guild in game and bully people with sunken swords

i am the leader since i find them