Looking for wizard stuff, willing to trade a few halloween seasonals (sold)

Looking for solid color wizard set, (blue, white, and black are all acceptable, all powerful)
Powerful dull magic power amulet
Hard dull defense amulet
I can offer basically every halloween seasonal except headless head (though I’m not going to give them all)

How many seasonals can you give?

Also, can we do separate trades for just amulets?

I guess so, I have everything that’s on my previous thread except the headless, check it out here

Bro this isnt worth it, the seasonals are worth way more than the wizard set
Wait till AO, the demand for Halloween stuff will increase

no not really they’re almost the same, I’d say maybe 1 seasonal would be worth 2-3 meta items, so they’re worth slightly more but not way more

eh when people say this they 99% of the time mean just the headless

the regular seasonals and july 4th seasonals might and probably will gain a value boost, but I heavily doubt that they’ll be on a 1:1 trading basis even with the lower tier boss gear, not universally at least (as in probably only new/niche players would do those sorts of trades), who knows though :woman_shrugging:

“wait till AO” yeah man ill just play the game with no good armor for the next 5 months


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