Looking to trade my sunken pants for a sunken helmet (complete)

Ended up with an extra pair of pants and I just need the helmet to finish the set, respond if interested

Are you looking for a specific enchant or any enchant or…?

are you lookin for any enchants or a clean one?
if its the former then i have a keen wet helmet that you can take
otherwise i hope ya have luck finding a wet helmet

is items being clean the new thing now?, the pants are clean so if thats the more value id rather that but I really only want it for cosmetic

items being clean means you can gamble to see if your luck can pay off into giving you a good enchant
also you fine with any enchant right

yeah idc about the enchant

aight do you wanna trade right away or you got something at the moment?

aight gimme a sec
look for an egghead aight

i have a keen sunken helm and a strong sunken helm, so… if you wanna trade DM me: LeoTheAbsoluteLegend#0001

no its been in the trading community since the game launched :fr:

what’s the enchantment on your pants tho @ZA_WARDO

its clean

and you’ll take any sunken helmet for it…

i mean he did take my helmet for it soooooo

i can do it

the trade is done m8

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