Lord Elius suggestions?

Fine with:

  • Speed
  • Lack of breathing time

Not Fine with:

  • How destructible his arena is, makes it incredibly hard to dodge his high damage attacks, as in you can very easily be stuck under a random platform or within a box if you aren’t insanely careful, which is hard when trying to dodge practically every attack he has.
  • His damage (maybe a bit too high for that part of the game?)
  • Random 150 healing


  • Allow players to use stun combos on him (considering how hes probably one of the fastest bosses but none of the bosses can get stunned) , but have a timer in which he cannot be stunned to prevent spamming stuns to win
  • Mildly lower damage, instead of 130+ dmg on the spear, maybe 110 at most
  • Lower instant healing 150 → 100 - 130 and/or signifier that he is and a way to interrupt it (maybe the stun from earlier?)

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