Lord Elius

Many thanks to @Arpeeguy for 2 shotting lord elius with his crystal/leg in my microwave mage build.

Also thank you for 1 shotting me. i thought we were friends :sob:

(I told you id tell everyone, your such a pookster)

poor guy

Guys so we were in harvest island secret area and I blew up the tnt, leaving me at 42hp. Then this little mf turned on ff and tried to kill me, so I one shot him

i got you down to 1hp pipe down lil bro. if i was 1 level higher you would have been COOKED

No you didnt… I regened 100 hp before you turned on ff

then I used smash, then crash. you hit me once

I didnt even pop focus

you would be very dead if I popped focus

do you still want that picture of

bro NOT NOW WHERE EVERYONE CAN SEE. private message me later

isnt focus just observation haki. plus if i was max level i would have won. Micro-mage wins over crystal/leg anyways

Focus is aura, but for fs

aura and focus are essentialy the same thing