Lore about the AG admiral named Argestes

In Arcane Adventures, Argestes is defeated by Cursebeard after a battle spanning 3 days and 4 nights. The battle was so immense that Cursebeard sent Argestes flying all the way to the War Seas. Argestes landed on an unknown island in the middle of the Bronze Sea, causing a large crater. Argestes was convinced that he had been teleported to another world or something to atone for his sins, like Purgatory or some shit due to the earth’s true shape not being discovered yet.

Argestes soon figures out that he is in a region called the War Seas, a chaotic place with kingdoms waging war over each other for the possession of Sea Curses. As Argestes begins to collect this information, he is approached by 3 Grand Navy frigates, who were sent by the Admirals to investigate the suspiciously close explosion that was a few thousand meters away from their headquarters in the Bronze Sea.

Argestes introduces himself as Ambatukam, although not having any blood relation to the Tribe of Omaygot. He offers to join the Grand Navy and is quickly accepted, and being of high skill and capability, Argestes, now Ambatukam was quickly promoted to a Commodore, and was considered by many of his superiors to be an eligible Admiral or Vice Admiral if the opportunity arises.

Ambatukam became an important member of the Grand Navy after half a year, quickly becoming a popular figure amongst the public and a bane to many pirates. His efforts continued on for nearly three years while he thought of how the Arcane Government was doing, the Seven Seas, and why he is here. Only three years later, he would find out.

After three years, the news of the Seven Seas’ destruction from half the world away was spread to the War Seas, which happened after Durza exploded himself and destroyed everything in the Seven Seas. Ambatukam was in total shock at this news, as this meant the AG HQ located at the Fifth Sea was completely vaporized. He was one of the building blocks of the AG for nearly a lifetime now, shedding blood and tears to maintain order in the Seven Seas. Seeing his lifetime work being vaporized like that broke him apart, making Ambatukam a broken and insane man. He thought he had nothing else in this world, and from there, he delved into madness.

Ambatukam slowly became a ruthless man, killing innocent civilians he believed to be criminals. Only a few were actually criminals. The Grand Navy was confused at his sudden aggression, and the Commodore was questioned by the 4 Admirals. The following text is a recording, done on paper and stored in Silverhold’s private storage.

“Commodore, is everything alright?”

“No, Admiral.”

“That’s sir to you. What’s the problem?”

“Everything ive built, every droplet of blood and sweat that I put into my work, is all gone.”

“What do you mean, Commodore?”

“The Arcane Government is gone. Ive worked so hard… And for what?”

“Can you hear yourself, Commodore?”

“Shut up, Admiral. You dont understand.”

“I will not tolerate this behavior, you will address me as sir and show respect.”

Following this conversation, Ambatukam in a fit of blind rage used his Gravity Magic to crush the admiral, resulting in an instantaneous death as his ribs punctured his heart and lungs. The scene was horrific, as the admiral’s bones protruded out of his dead body, half of him reduced to just red mush. The other three admirals immediately started fighting Ambatukam, nearly destroying all of Silverhold. Ambatukam fled to a mining island that was controlled by the Bronze Legion.

News of Ambatukam’s sudden betrayal in Silverhold went mainstream in all of the War Seas. He instantly earned the title of a Warlord and had a 900,000 Galleon bounty placed on his head. Speculations about why he betrayed the Grand Navy went wild. The brutal and unprovoked killing of the admiral that Ambatukam caused was covered up, and Silverhold was hastily repaired.

When Ambatukam arrived at the mines, he was immediately questioned by the Ravenna centurions. Ambatukam, in a blind fit of rage, brutally killed all of the Ravenna forces and flooded the mines. He lived off of large greencap mushrooms and slaughtered anyone who came close to him.

Ambatukam’s half-brother, Ambatublow, who was a hired captain for a prestigious merchant guild had found out about Argestes’ betrayal in Silverhold as he sailed across the Bronze Sea, reading The Agora. He was shocked, as the last time he saw Argestes was only a decade ago, where Ambatublow said to him that was traveling all across the world to return back with it’s riches. He thought he was dead, but now he returned with a new name - Ambatukam.

Ambatublow seeks out his half-brother, finally finding him after 2 days. As he confronted the insane man, he seemed to be shaking and crying. In a blind fit of rage, his brother instantly charges towards him at Mach 12, nearly killing Ambatublow, severing off his left arm and destroying his hearing.

Ambatukam flees to another Ravenna-controlled fortress after he realizes what he has done, and begins to wreak havoc in the Bronze Sea, gathering a large group of professional pirates to assassinate important individuals in the Bronze Sea, with the former Ravenna fortress being the base of operations.

Ambatublow, now realizing that his brother will only continue to stray from his path, begins to train himself for the ultimate battle to fight Ambatukam, a threatening figure to all of the War Seas. During this time, Ambatukam easily kills several admirals and becomes a tyrannical emperor of all of the seas. Ambatukam’s real goals for his betrayal at Silverhold is revealed to Ambatublow, where Ambatukam, or Argestes says that his ultimate goal is to overthrow the Grand Navy and replace it with a New Aracne Government, where he is in control of it and he has the final day in everything. In order to achieve this goal, Ambatukam says that he will kill anyone who supports the Grand Navy.

For the next several decades, Ambatukam’s reputation skyrockets and he gains the title of simply ’The Menace’. Meanwhile, Ambatublow becomes one of the Four Monarchs and also gains the title of ‘The Reverend’. During these years, Ambatublow acquired a large frigate and gathered a crew of War Saints and Guardians, totalling around 30 men. They also controlled crews of their own, usually renowned and skilled individuals like heroes and saviors. Ambatublow’s large peacekeeping army sailed across all of the War Seas and maintained peace alongside the Grand Navy, whose influence was steadily decreasing as the threat of Ambatukam was rising.

After 20 years, Ambatublow’s entire crew landed at the base of operations of Ambatukam’s syndicate. A large battle broke out, with both sides suffering heavy losses. Heavy grapeshot shredded through men, and many died. A large fight between Ambatublow and Ambatukam occurred, which spanned for 4 days and 5 nights, which resulted in Ambatublow’s victory. Ambatukam was promptly arrested by the Grand Navy and thrown into a cell in a Grand Navy fortress where he was questioned about the Arcane Government and the Seven Seas. Ambatublow became an admiral in the Grand Navy, becoming a well-respected figure in all of the War Seas.

More information will be added soon once I find more hidden things. pissmancer#1872 if any questions or concerns.

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