Lore community side

I just got this idea from a post about science and politics in WOM.
In the suggestion, they mentioned schools. wouldn’t it be so cool if schools were added to like some lore side of wom? you go to school, graduate, and become a full fledged wizard. it could either be some side thing to do in the game or a whole community thing for people accepted into it
Maybe they can choose people to have curses?
Maybe the idea of having community tournaments can come to affect?
Just taking others ideas and cramming it into one. Comment down stuff that i wrote down that might be confusing or not make sense at all
Also it would be cool to expand the lore of the game because i actually enjoy reading it and i don’t think it should stop here. also if you agree with this, and want to add on feel free to add ideas below

Vetex is a fellow weeb but this just sounds dumb for a game

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welp then time to delete the post
another one bites the dust :frcryin:

eh maybe later i;m lazy

just no
this is a roblox game, not the sims
this isn’t a useful, needed, or even wanted mechanic
almost all of the curses have been destroyed and
you can already do unofficial community tournaments yourself

overall this suggestion doesn’t actually suggest much,
you mention schools, yet not how they’d actually work or function

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oh god, not the exclusive magic. please no

This guy just suggested to add customs to WoM.
No, not just customs, custom curses to WoM.

Dear god no stop.

You ever get awarded a remote control nuclear bomb for graduating college while the principal mumbles to you “Remember to not destroy the world with that weapon more powerful than anything this country owns”?


Curses are being yoinked by PK, they’re super rare, and there’s a fixed number of them. Probs not

Requested by OP.

The only anime I watch is one piece like twice a month, anime is boring to me now

(but yea this idea sucks)

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