Lore of my guild "Shady Dealers"

Shady Dealers


In past used to be a guild of sky merchants named “Celestial Spring”, who first invested flying ships.

It’s first owner has created Cloud Energy based fighting style named “Sky Savior” and
continued to experimentate with it. Flying Ships, Improved Sky Plates, Cloud Powered Machines .

The villains were interested in them.
So he made a deal: Resourses, Money, Knowledge For Alliances and Partnership.

Villages, Cities, Islands and Lifes were destroyed due to bombing from the sky.
“Celestial Spring” got bad reputation and became a smuggler guild.

After 230 years first owner left guild due to Arcane Goverment’s persecution.
They are agreed on supply of ideas and blueprints for forgeting his crimes, and Celestial Spring’s owner started working for Arcane Goverment and then never been mentioned in history.

Guild was renamed and reformed and then became Pirates of “Sunken Orchestra” owned by
Sound Curse User named Nora Al-Baros.
They were collecting sea curses and they were no different from other pirates:
Usual desires, Usual goal, even name displayed their captain.
People wanted changes, but they were doing nothing to become famous again.

Centuries passed. They were successful, powerfull, and rich. It did last long.
But Arcane Goverment became determined, they started searching for curses and cleaning every single sea from powerful pirates. They’re got strong ally as Peacekeeper.

The world was assembled from pieces into one continent.

The meaning of being a pirate has been lost.

The world is changeable like everything in it.

Pirates from “Sunken Orchestra” were disbanded.

Their leader still hiding from the Magic Council that came to replace Arcane Goverment.

The Story from Dear Grandfather.

The Story from Past.

Wait, wait…
Let’s be realistic now…

The Story of Today!

The Story about kid who wanted to become a pirate!

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