Lore question/theory

so I was just passing through blasted rock when I noticed this, now I came here to grab zaix’s journal before but I never noticed the skeleton in the wall next to him.

so heres my question, is the skeleton that got smashed into the wall Avery Walker? Because Zaix’s journal implies he was a warlock, which explain Avery’s skeleton being smashed into the wall and that both he and Avery were pretty much dead by the end of their fight. Zaix’s corpse is also impaled with a sword probably from Avery, and it would make sense for Avery’s corpse to be somewhere nearby if they both traded blows and died after.

images for context:

Hmm he could be, but… why does your character be looking like Revon?

my character is some random centurion that just happened to find a crown and cape shortly after an explosives accident

Glad to see Revon leaving his brother’s kingdom for once


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