Lost and Legendary weapon ideas!

I saw on the Trello that legendary and lost weapons will come but there is no list on them so why not speculate and brainstorm ideas on what leagendary and lost weapons would be cool to have!

My ideas:

Trident of Poseidon

A magical trident forged in the deep sea, can summon tsunamis that deal massive dmg to ships and players. Can be thrown and used as a normal trident but gives the soaked effect. In water it has a sprint/dash abillity used to easier traveling under water. The dash and tsunami abillity can only be used if the player stands in water. This will be best in sea fights with ships or with sea creatures. Could possible be obtained by a small chance when returning from the darkes part of the dark sea.

Would be fun to see your ideas too!

Suggestions sadly closed till AO release


Maybe a part of the Sunken Set ? The Sunken Trident

Take every weapon type, and make sunken version of it

Excellent idea

Sunken Shield

Sunken Torch :eyes:


Magma Greathammer that causes small eruptions when it slams into the ground

Lightning Spear (Bolt of Zeus)

sunken can

circa Y50 Arcanium Dual Staffs, very old staffs that are able to cast more than one of your base magics at one time.

Old Dulumia, a great sword that can only be wielded by Warlocks, this sword may be old but it does heavy amounts of damage and gives a ton of knockback.

Sunken Mint, Mint in sea, mint with salt, mint with sugar, mint give insanity.

This doesn’t make sense warlocks use magic and fighting styles not weapons

Yeah I assumed he meant a strength weapon for warlords

outside of ao, “warlock” would be another word to describe somebody who uses weapons and magic though so that could’ve been what he meant

or he might’ve meant warrior/berserker idk

I kinda had ideas for weapons based on the weapons of the gods since the game takes place in where mount olympus once was in the lore

Maybe some of his AA ideas will make it to AO?

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Cool! , but i hate the ideia of a fire main can have a water magic with no awaken


Ancient or Lost Magic Arcnium Weapon

fire version : the death of a king. or the pegasus death.

would be a weapon style for all classes THAT only focus on their original magic, changing the weapon of preference
that can have a lost or forgotten spell assigned if the owner of sword has one

example I have INFERNO fire, I could press (Q) and activate the version INFERNO on the sword, it would just change the colors and make it faster. , the status depends of the ancient or lost magic

fire version : sword/bow that shoots incredibly strong slow fire arrows with a big tail, or with slow basic attacks plus a wave of fire each

I could activate the ancient or lost magic (if the wielder has it, it would change to look like the lost magic, it would basically be a legendary weapon from arcanium to ancient and lost

Glock: Fuck you