Lost magic: frostburn

This is my first suggestion, sorry if im not clear or not doing stuff right

This lost magic would be blue fire with ice particles also coming out of it( the blue would be more lighter than inferno)

Magic speed: 1.0
Magic size: 1.0
Magic damage: a little lower than fire
Destruction: average

This magic would work similar to fire magic with a little less damage and that little damage lost goes to the status, it would give fostburn effect, this effect would copy burn and fire at the same time, it would have the same synergys from ice and clashes similar to fire

Reason to add
I would like to see this magic in the game because it combines two different magics status effects into one whitout making it something that cant fit in ao

I am conflicted.
While we already have way too many fire magics in the game, there’s not even one cold lost magic.

Where does this classify? Is having a cold lost magic worth adding another fire magic to the game???

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I suggested a magic with the exact same name and appearance months ago. It was rejected.

I’m not saying you copied me btw. Similar things have existed in movies/games before.

too many fire magics lost magics in the game

There is no such thing as too much fire magic.

yes ther eis noob.

I think we have enough fire magics tbh

100% for a Cold Lost/Prim Magic, but yeah we got a lot of Fire Based Magics

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Yes please. There are 0 cold lost/primordial magics. Frostburn, Frostbite, Absolute 0, etc. have been suggested and none of them have been accepted. People just want to be frost wizards :(.

sorry for that, i did not know someone suggested a cold fire already

i want frost magic

We got enough fire magics already. While we do need cold based lost and primordial magics, this is literally a fire that reduces your temperature both due to the effect and appearance along with being super similar to inferno visually.
I’m fine with magic combos like storm and aether lightning but please, don’t make one using fire, especially when it’s meant to represent the cold.

Frostburn using something like wind and a hail storm/ice particles would make sense tho

Second suggestion for a cold lost magic eh?

ive seen enough magic suggestions on this forum already. how about no

there’s a lot of complaining that we have too many fire magics already
and that it would look similar to inferno

but surely we can kill two birds with one stone here by just not adding inferno magic
frostburn is the more interesting idea anyway


There is*

tech will end you


i agree to this but theres no way vetex is removing inferno


So it’s just equinox except fire and ice?