Lost/Prim Elemental drafting

I want to see that.


Hmmmmm, thinking of elementals, Pressure elemental: Blobfish.


Would be extremely funny especially as it makes sense given their habitat.


Shatter elemental will be interesting.

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You also suggeated a Jackal for death but idk which I’ll use (a hellhound was literally my original Shad one).

I might make it Art of Order since it’s related to Anubis (Anubis is a Jackal iirc) and he’s actually more related to judgement than death since his crocodile friend will eat your soul or somm

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Use your own preferences really. I suggested Jackal given Egyptian mythology and Anabis but if you feel better about drawing wendigos than do so.
I just want to some more of your epic elemental art.

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lol thanks. I will likely use the Jackal for AoO now that I think about since it’s still very much tied to judgement of morals n stuff

Although it also could be Equinox for the same reason e.e

That would actually work better given the reasons you stated. Can’t make it demonic now though, would have to be dignified.

Anubis was reasonably chill as far as I know lol, plus themes of death aren’t uncommon with ideas of judgement

Yeah I do not hear much about Anubis doing too much while the other gods cannibalized each other


All the keepers are death are chill but get a bad rep e.e

One thing you can also do from egyptian mythology is using Apophis, maybe apocalypse bringer? Idk

oohh, could you elaborate on them? I don’t really know too much about Egyptian Mythos

Here is a link, tell me if it works.

Quick summary, he is the bringer of chaos as he is destined to eat the sun one day and bring about the end of the world. He is always depicted as a snake in all topics.

Apophis is some sort of snake I think.

Isn’t there this insane lion lady in Egyptian mythology.

idk lol. I tend to mix mythologies with this (a bit of European, Greek, and a good amount of Chinese in the Magic Elementals)

There is. From what I remember, she dosed the world in blood from a murder spree. She also has a split personality with a better goddess but I forgot both their names.

I think I got it, was it Sekmeth?

Yeah, it was Sekhmet, just found it (thx Google).
Her split personality is the goddess Bastet.