Lost Sunken Item Trade

Managed to trade for a sunken item, but noticed that the trade concluded pop-up never appeared, so in a dumb act (unfortunately i didn’t record nor screenshoted the logs) i alt+f4’ed. I ended up losing the trading item i offered and i never got the sunken item… this together with lag, flying chest bugs (the one that the chest doesn’t appear in your hand) has got me seriously thinking of quitting the game…

thats just because they never accepted and u basically task manager your roblox while the trade was still processing in the other guys inbox. its an anti dupe thing from the devs

This is in you it can take a while for trades to register

Didn’t know about this dupe system, i guess i just got unlucky.

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I though so too, but it has been this way for about 1 day.

Some adicional info, i was the one who accepted the trade (the other player proposed it), so for safety measures i would not recommend quitting the game or leaving the server if you just made a trade without checking if the trade has gone through (IDK if this is a bug or intended).

Yeah it was fun while it lasted, i had about 250+ hours in total gameplay (wich still low), but due to frustrating things like this i’m quitting the game. Hope anyone that reads this has a more fun and enjoyable experience considering this is an amazing game.

That ain’t that low. (much more than me)

What did you lose? If it’s not that valuable, it’s not worth quitting over.

U want me to remove it from marketplace/trading?

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