Lost Technique : Soar/Glide

Lost Technique : Soar/Glide
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Instead of making Soar just “flying”, why not “gliding”?

First of all : We all unanimously agree gliders are cool as hell in videogames.
Second of all : Gliding from Cirrus to Ravenna would be cool… up to the moment you realize you left your boat by the stepstones.

Magic requirement for Glide : 500
Strength requirement for Soar : 500

To avoid airstalling, gliding will be VERY punishable if you don’t pull down, as it’ll slow down over time.
Quickly going in the opposite direction will COMPLETELY cancel your momentum.
And if the shape of the soar/glide has any offensive properties, there’s FALLOFF for how long you’re gliding, and RAMPUP if you’re diving right into somebody.
The efficiency of gliding will be HALVED when you’re in combat.
You can only use soar/glide at full air mobility.
You’ll lose 1 air mobility when using soar/glide. This limits your amount of followup options to 1, a move you’ll cancel out of it with.

You can cancel out of soar/glide.
You can’t chain soar/glide into another soar/glide.
This move has a lot of commitment to prevent it from being used as spam.


Shapes will be used to completely change the type of soar/glide.

With crow wings as the base shape.

Phoenix wings : Instead of your momentum dying down when doing a quick turn, you jet forward. ( this ability can only be used once. ) This also incurs rampup.
Eagle wings : Diving into a target will significantly increase damage rampup, but you’re gliding slower in the air. Diving into a target will also disallow you to pull up.
Seagull wings : Your speed is more than eagle wings, but you don’t do as much damage either. However, you are able to still use damage rampup.
Vulture wings : You have a lot better downwards momentum and can pull up quicker, but you lose momentum as you’re stationary in the air. It’s meant to have the capability of picking out multiple low health targets, like a vulture would scavenge.
Swan wings : This isn’t meant as an offensive shape, but diving greatly increases your speed after you pull up. Like a graceful swan flying from danger.

( I had some ideas like Hawk wings and Falcon wings… but I don’t know, comments tell me. )

The thing about all of these is that they’re incredibly prone to getting caught in AoE.
Beast Instinct, Shining Cycle, Self-Explosions… This is an intentional weakness.


Duck hunt reference.

Besides that, being shot mid-flight will send you tumbling downwards immediately unless you cancel out of your soar/glide.

I might be a bit rusty on making suggestions, ngl.

credit to @tanf36016 for the original suggestion that got demolished by other people in suggestions.

Not doing any stars, you guys decide.


Cool idea and all but why are people suggesting stuff literally double our level, suggest how to fix the useless features of the game instead of some glide that might as well exist as a glider item

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shrug ( check tanf’s original suggestion on why the fs/magic requirements are so high )
though a glider would be cool

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Yeah I saw, I should have ranted there but I got reminded of it here

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Glider items used to be on the Trello in the items section while WoM was a thing, they were eventually removed so I guess Vet never planned to bring them to AO

if gliders were already scrapped then a skill that does the same thing as a glider has no chance. and if they arent scrapped after all then said skill becomes completely irrelevant anyway but i guess youd be happy
so anyway time to quote reply random parts cuz its fun

for combat, i really dont agree. in fact usually id say its pretty damn hated, like in smash

well yeah thats not happening
if anything thats a point against gliders, way too much mobility

never noticed how many mobility skills are worse outside of combat? cuz they could be used to cheese the level design. making a mobility skill only good outside of combat means the entire world has to be built around this, which makes it dumb to keep it as a rare unlockable ability instead of just an item, and lowers its chance to be added due to the huge amount of work required. now you can argue that the grab distance nerf is stupid because many skills dont follow that rule and nobody really likes that anyway but thats not the topic

also its kinda weird how the shapes seem to have way more details than the skill itself.
like we really dont know anything about the base skill except that you cant go in the opposite direction and that theres balancing. its as if you couldnt even use the technique without shapes. most of them seem like objective buffs too. phoenix and swan have no con, vulture just seems objectively better than the base since why would you stay stationnary ever…

and, finally,

  1. i dont see why it deals damage. feels pretty random
  2. i dont see why it can hit multiple times either
  3. why can you go up and down, makes it even less predictable than hover
  4. weapon users are completely fucked and id generally say the same for fighting style users too cuz how are you gonna reach them

oh yeah also how the hell does soar work
like what i just t pose for dominance and fall slower?

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if sheer willpower lets me jump in the air then why cant I intimidate gravity into not working

im not trying to say it cant work but the hell does it look like
especially since fighting styles have pretty limited visual effects (grey shockwaves cuz basic combat), cant imagine anything other than the goofy ahh yoshi flutter or some random shockwaves under you and you like… stand on it? but then its not gliding

crying, sobbing

yeah thats a fair point. maybe just use shapes and theyre all different wings

brawl mk is the one exce-

stares at steve from smash ultimate.

“hi, steve.”


besides that, not really

yeah, it kinda is. though i guess crow just has no damage that it can deal?
i suppose phoenix and swan should be balanced better.

this isn’t exactly my a-game either.
also, one of the balance things is that you need full air mobility
to use it. this means you can’t crash and then follow up with soar.

i’m typing this stuff at 2:15. dear god help me
( yes forums this is a complete sentence )

Ladies and gentlemen, we have a true rarity on the forum: a cohesive counter-argument that doesn’t just bash on the other person.


complete sentence

Better than the other one, and I see what u mean and what you’ve improved, but I feel like gliding would be a little underwhelming considering stamina constraints and how it would be implemented into the game. I say, if ur gonna add gliding, just add flying.

And ironically those comments get 10+ likes. Kinda disheartening how we discourage genuine communication.

This is the internet, communication is made via

ThErE Is a mAgIcAl pOnY FlyInG ThRoUgH ThE SkY (quote taken from Asdfmovie)
shoot it down (quote also taken from Asdfmovie)
“Piercing shot!” (Musket E keybind)

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