(LOUD) Aether Lightning got me like-


Ok fr tho, I think we can all agree that the concept of aether lightning is badass. An explosive, powerful magic that a god didn’t create and it only has one (non-canon) user. No wonder it’s lost. It used to be vetex’s custom back in the golden days of AA, so when lost magics finally arrive in AO, I don’t doubt that Aether Lightning will return in some way.

What made this video possible was a sandbox game that uh…used things from arcane adventures. Here’s the game link if you’re interested, but it’s very buggy and the movesets of all the magics are limited:


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you have convinced me


Forgot to link the song:

Aether Lightning is cool and all but Theos >>>>>

Which is why I’m going to do a fire/Phoenix (blue)/Sun mage (Also with Vetex’s improvement of the effects, I feel like Phoenix and Sun will look pretty damn cool)

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