Luck/Graced enchants and Magnetic/Treasurer enchants on fishing rods straight up do not work at all

For the past couple days I’ve been constantly fishing with a graced wooden rod and gotten a grand total of 1 rare fish throughout ALL hours and hours of fishing, and barely any uncommon fish. This was especially noticeable yesterday, where I got literally nothing BUT common fish except for like 1 or 2 uncommon fish in the entire day. Any rare fish I found were with other fishing rods.

And then my treasurer collector’s rod is even worse. It literally has 80% more item chance, and yet over the past few days I have literally only gotten TWO ITEM DROPS from fishing. TWO. I got more item drops from just my graced bronze rod alone.

I cannot possibly be the only one having this issue, is this ever going to be dealt with? And ironically this was happening way after the update that supposedly “fixed” exotic fishing rod enchant scrolls not having any effect.

why did you do this?

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It literally has the same rarity chance as every single other fishing rod what does it matter

you’d catch substantially more fish with a bronze rod.

sure both have the same quality, but they don’t have the same quantity.

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That literally has nothing to do with this, I was fishing for way too long with sth that supposedly has 50% more rarity chance to not give me a single rare fish and barely any uncommon ones