Luckiest low level ive ever seen

sunken helmet and an exotic fish with 57 CAUGHT


I applaud this man or woman

or he traded for it

True he or she does have 1 trade accepted

No one would trade a sunken for anything other than a couple boss drops, and he doesn’t seem to have any of those.

it could easily be an alt file, or someone’s friend
just because someone is low level doesn’t mean they don’t have shit

No one would spend this much time on an alt file.

thats assuming quite a bit bud

a level 50 sunken helmet is pretty specific to trade out to a friend instead of grinding it out before giving it away

Checking the flavor text of his sunken helm would prove whether he fished it or not.

he’s more of a middle level than anything

level 57 is by no means low.

i just call anything below 80 low

Are you saying catching a leaf is lucky?