M̴o̵r̶d̶e̷n̸ ̶i̸s̸ ̸a̵ ̸c̶a̶t̸-̵b̸o̴y̸ ̵i̸t̶'̸s̸ ̸c̸a̵n̶o̸n̵

laugh laugh hahahhahahsdhadhsahasdhasddsasad aughhhh this revelation came to me in a dream as Iris puts my head into her lap and gently stroke my head and hum a nursery rhyme making me feel sleepy. Vetex confirms this. (send help)

hop off ao… for your own good.

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Are… you ok?


are you denji or something

hello? police?

someone had too many cursed mushrooms

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The what in the what did I just read-

bro ate the insanity II pie irl

thats what totally happens if you eat too much cookies

MY DOING IT WAS FORCED BY THE VOICES? >?>?<<!!![quote=“Pox, post:12, topic:104507, full:true”]



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