Made a new file and more things have happened in the 30 minutes i played it compared to my main file

  1. its apprently is possible to enter the 1st cutscene at dawn island without the storm ( most likely a visual bug, since lightning still struck around )

  2. caught a big squid and a sleeper shark with a basic rod that the old woman at redwake gave me

    made a pie with it, give like 400 hunger or so

  3. my boat got struck by lightning while i was about to sail to Elm to recruit Edward ( he doesnt talk to me for some reason, just “…” )

  4. found this big a$$ clam that i’ve never seen before ( btw its possible to swim from dawn island to elm without dying, unless you get attacked by shark )

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you need to be a certain level

15 to be precise

I’d recommend taking audbjorg’s quest, ignoring it so you can take Edward’s quest and postpone that too until you get to frostmill, where you can take and do frostmill fishing four times for edwards quest with some extra exp tacked on.