Made this account of of spite, what now?

Tempted to just delete it or never post again for the memes

run far from here

Leave, run, save what little sanity that you still have left. Go, what are you waiting for! Didn’t you just read this text, why are you still here? Can you not understand basic English, I am physically writing the words ‘go’ and ‘leave’ and yet you are still reading this. If you’ve gotten this far, it shows that it’s already too late. Its consumed you and you can’t run away from it. I’ll sacrifice some time for you, go!!! Oh no, it has me. I can’t hold on for long. Use this time to escape, leave this place for good! Run, and never look back!! WHY ARE YOU STILL HERE, I SAID GO!!!

Run… quick…
The chances are that you will meet resistance on the way out…
Ignore the temptations of riches, they do not exist.

Only pain suffering and random poems exist here.