Made this island. What do I call it?


Sausage Island
cause the trees look like one


True, they kinda do

Long ring long land

veridian reserve

the fiery holm

it used to be on fire :fr:

goofy ahh archipelago also i wish i could make trees somewhat like that (not the goofy ones) but i’m terrible at blender

just to clarify, i tried making the trees look like cypresses but idk what you guys think :sob:

rock island

Not a style we’ve seen in AO before (tree variety +)

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made this on studio, its a passion project of mine. its a separate game.

Interesting, I like it.

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it kind of reminds me of an island from a one piece game that i always remember when i play wom, it looked pretty much like that and it had a secret laboratory hidden in on of the mountains and i had the magma fruit

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racism island


the skibid rizz island