Mage Awakening Q

Will it be possible to shoot two types of magic at once successively in a multiblast spell

Consecutively? Yes


Doubt so since when watching pvp vids you have to switch

I think they mean as one spell so a spell that shoots water and ice at once

No there is no way to do this, maybe there will be a rare spell down the line that allows this capability. But also at the same time you have to realize the interactions between the magics. Someone said ice and water, so if you multiblasted that, it would literally just create even more ice.

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multi-magic spells should definitely be a thing for pure mages, but only at higher tiers
rapidly switching between minds is one thing, using multiple minds at once is another

i think it’d be a good feature since warlock and conjurer can basically already do this, but i should probably wait for balancing to be done before fully thinking this