Mage build so far

What are your thoughts on this build so far? I plan on going mage awakening.

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Muskets are def going to help with the final boss. Stat distribution looks balanced and I know nothing about Pvp but I like it

Your awakening will remove all that weapon stat if you go mage and make you refund it into magic or vitality

those are magic stat 200

oh really? huh

thats fine. im just using the weapons for before awakening.

Ah I see. :eye:

At level 80 if you wanted you could reset and spec full magic

I could…

I feel like that’s be smartest too, you’d be able to easily replicate piercing shot with beams and you’d likely have access to blast shapes before calvus

I got access to beams at lvl 70

Twin beams are where it’s at

ill think about it