Mage Spell Tutors

Seeing the many fighting styles in the Bronze Sea, why shouldn’t there be magic tutors too? They could teach you a unique spell after completing a quest for some galleons and a level requirement.

The way this would work can be balanced and awesome for magic users. You can only use one spell from a magic tutor at a time, which will be a material item in your inventory when you learn the spell. When you want to use it, go in your inventory and click it, adding it to whichever magic you want.

The spells will be similar to some of the regular abilities… for example, maybe a Caldera spell that works similar to your E-key spell, but instead of a simple explosion, magical projectiles come out of the ground like a volcano.

The difference between spells learnt from tutors and spell scrolls is that spell tutors will teach abilities similar to the ones you already have, while scrolls will teach you a new, unique move of its own and are rare to find.

but scrolls already teach spells similar to what we have, pulsar and javelin are just modified blasts

Stelus in the sailors lodge says that he will teach the player tricks about magic once they are strong enough

suggestion outside of suggestions again
also not everyone has the same spells in the samespell slots, because you can customise them

Must be some pretty damn good tricks if level 125 isn’t considered strong enough.

His title is “Powerful Mage”, and as you can see, he’s pretty old. Mages can live for centuries depending on how powerful they are. And since this guy is powerful and old, he’s probs +500 years old or something. So whatever he teaches MC in the future, its probably something realy good.

Also, Corsair Country, which is where he’s heading, is in the far south (Vetex confirmed). All kingdoms are south of Bronze Sea, so further south means higher level. Considering how he’s looking for Ancient Magic Scrolls there, its probs 5th Sea. Probs where the main base of GN is at as well? Since Corsair Country and GN are gonna go to war soon.

So thats probs how we get his “advice” similar to Rill Hendrix teaching us dodge reflex in prep for an incoming war.

Wait, the other people in Sailor’s Lodge might take Steleus’ place if you’re not a Mage (theres a Warrior there, a Berserker, and then Mage. All pure builds. I could be wrong…)

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level 125 is pretty low, the game could go all the up to 800-1000 near endgame

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nah im thinking that he’ll teach you something cool the way Rill Hendrix teaches you dodge reflex

Reading this I think I’m too inexperienced with magic that I didn’t realize this, my fault. Spell tutors could be a more accessible way to learn different skills because scrolls are obtained in a way determined by a slim chance (yes, you could trade for them but they are also of high value). Even though scrolls and spell tutors are pretty similar, spell tutors can teach you new skills regardless of luck and still allow you to gain unique attacks to customize your build.

Wardens getting the short end of the stick again?
(then again Ambanes or whatever the guy who talks about the epicenter name is exists)

Warden will continue to be starved until the 3rd sea

Ambanes says that he is on a Spiritual Journey to the Epicenter this could mean that it could relate to something to vitality

I just said that :sweat_smile:

But yeah, thats probs his role later on. But something thats probs really high level since it seems we will encounter him in the later half of the entire game’s progression.

i frogor

i wouldn’t really call 1/60 slim, you can get a good amount of sealed chests just from pirate hunting

It’s not really that slim but the point is that getting a spell from a spell tutor will not rely on a chance as a spell scroll will. :grinning:

i mean, its like 1/10 of the max level so :person_shrugging:

Damn I didn’t know that, interesting to think that he could make a reappearance later on in the game. I usually play berserker and the berserker guy at Sailor’s Lodge is way lamer.

why do i think he’s gonna teach us flaunt?

tbf thats guy is literally just an amateur compared to the warrior and mage guy, pretty sure he was still using basic combat when we met him

ofc, he could have much more of a knack in fs and thus progress faster than us, so he could still teach us something useful down the line