Mage vs Conjurer

Pure would be the first ones to get all new stuff imo

dont you dare say mage winning

Mage = Savant > Pure builds > Hybrids > Conjurer

your entire personality consists of hating on conjurer

wont deny, but that’s not all

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another one

no honestly what do you have against conjurer other then it being common to see

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Personal vindeta, is it enough?

ok nvm your still a weirdo!!! grrr conjurer for life :rage:

Let me guess, conjurer main?

I main Mage, Warlock and Conjurer but I dont hate on a build. (unless its vitality grrrr!!)

I dont hate, i just dont like, that’s all. Other builds are somewhat okay.

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you two do know what topic you’re posting to here? You’re flooding reminders

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Ping a mod to split the topic?

2 lazy

im gonna ping div if hes online to split this

@Divanochi could you split this topic please thank you

Now we go as off topic as we want :smiling_imp::smiling_imp::smiling_imp:

Now we can say that Mages are pog, and recent Conjurer Propaganda wont help