Mage weapons when?

I want a staff that shots shit B)

Mage weapons would be nice but only as a cosmetic. I don’t want to have to use a bad looking weapon in order to have more power on a class that specifically doesn’t focus on weapons

mage weapons will actually be a thing according to the trello from what i recall
there are plans to add wands and tomes but i’m unsure about staves

I feel like they’ll be added next to arcanium/spirit weapons :sob:

You forgot about wizard’s pondering orb

Arcanium wand

That’s one of my problems with current ao i like the game but weapons are very forced especially when you have to use three of them I wish they would make it so if you want to have more than two skills on a weapon you have to take a skill from the other.

mmm orb

what if we can have the tome changed cosmetically into a porno mag
would be funny

you mean balls

i swear to god if mages get weapons before spirit weapons are added i am going to

let vetex cook although it seems like he been grilling the vitality users

vetex has been cooking for so long that the meal has disintegrated

So long that the metal lost its L

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