Mages And Fused Magic Recharging

How is it that despite the other hybrid builds, only mages dont get to have fused recharging? I wanna see that drip of glass and wind recharging frfr

Its gonna be a game pass

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i hope when this is added it let’s us use all 3 magics instead of the 2 it says

Shadow/Light mages when their aura explodes them

Damn aight

An Equinox aura would be cool.

This post aged like a butterfly.

the worst it could’ve possibly aged


Idk why Vetex just don’t make that so if you are not using any magic from a hotbar then its will display your 1st magic’s charging effects, if you are using 2nd or 3rd magic at the moment then charging effects will be of exactly this magic’s. Just like weapons and fightning styles.

he did (in trello)
(I think, or it was in the balance doc)


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