Mages guide to calvus (spoilers)

so calvus, he a bit hard but ima tell you how to beat him (if you are a mage) (also i’m only going to be talking about ranged attacks)
Phase 1: Placed Explosion

when he starts charging it blast him instantly this will make his attack go off early, the moment your attack lands dodge wherever you think would be best, this opens him up for another blast attack or two before he starts moving again.
Phase 2 version:

basically the same thing except this time you can get off 2-3 blasts.
Phase 1: Big Blast

so for this one you can hit em once for free damage, but after that stand still till he shoots, this makes it so he cannot predict your dodge.
Phase 2:

you cannot dodge this time, idk why maybe the aoe is bigger or he shoots faster but it doesn’t work, so you gotta parry or block the blast. Phase 1: barrage charge

for this you need to run in one direction to avoid the blasts, then dodge in a direction (not the one you were running in) to avoid the body slam thing.
Phase 2: ok i got lazy and couldn’t find a clip but, the strat is the same as phase 1 except you have to parry or block the body slam. for literally everything else, keeping distance and always being on the move seems to avoid most of them.

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