Magi Alliance

Forget I said anything, wrong context.

so some person joined it and then got their friends to alt farm them?

thats bad out

yep. exactly what doge nation did.

If, My understanding is correct.

im pretty sure doge nation did it to my old guild that i used to co lead. one day contribution was perfect, the next some dude had -200 infamy

it was ages ago though

and no proof.

Well, They did it couple months ago, and they are bye bye now.

so wait, helios alt farmed it, or am i reading it wrong?

Depends, on which guild, from the looks of its Aviation Members.

oh, i assumed helios because it was jeremi but i forgot he was in helios. but then exper said “u got farmed by helios and sentiels” in the reply section

Stop bringing my guild into this, they were clapped by Helios and Sentinel.

Jay said “Is that a challenge to Aviation” because we’re another fairly fast growing guild and they were talking shit about how hard they would grind.

Magi alliance, omg what nice people that didn’t take messages out of context

Imagine being drained by Jeremi :fr:

He’s so easy to kill yet he managed to derookie a guild…

He can prolly drain you so hush your mouth buddy

?? why are you calling him bad at PvP despite not knowing how he plays

I know the guy that complained about suncry killing him aint talking

that’s tuff imagine talking shit on the forums and then get exposed… Next time watch ya mouth

Mhm. Me shitting on Kandy because he manages to get greened by the shittiest pvpers