Magia Oscura, Terra. (Dalcie)

“With a calm demeanor, she intoned the incantation, unveiling her shimmering, radiant second eye. Below her, the sea floor ruptured violently, birthing a colossal mountain that towered from the depths. Its sheer mass obliterated any oncoming brigades with unrelenting force.”


Its Dalcie btw :nod:

…alright, now I’m concerned, what the fuck kind of power is the sadist hiding?

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earth curse but I’d win ngl

I don’t but I’m still gonna solo this fodder ong

how could this innocent girl have such power, right?

it can’t be the Earth Curse.
That eye’s got some magic enhancement going on here…


jk cold art

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oh wait

“oscura” means dark

this is just edgy earth magic methinks :face_with_monocle:

Magia Oscura is a strain of magic that is inherently chaotic in nature, believed to have originated from Chaos itself or as a result of combining Chaos with conventional magic. Users of Magia Oscura possess greater raw power compared to typical curse users, but this power comes at a cost of increased instability.

Drawing upon Chaos energy as their source of magic, they risk soul corruption and the unleashing of destructive forces beyond their control. Therefore, Magia Oscura users must possess a clear and focused intent when wielding their power.

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so if I blasted skibidi toilet dubstep towards her would she lose focus and implode

Lore that is very much appreciated. Nice work Acko

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…I see.
I feel like it’d probably be more likely to rip the soul apart or crush it, though. Chaos and Creation are opposites; while they can intertwine with intent (imbuement of spirit energy onto magic; will happen when spirit weapons drop. The titans and the gods.), they still oppose one another. They’d probably destroy each other.

The unstability would lead to that I suppose (?)

What in the actual crap happened?

Tokyo ghoul inspo?

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I can fix her