Magic and Weapon Balance

I’ve seen many conversations about this topic about how the state of balance is currently in WoM. This topic is more focused on how magics and weapons are represented in the current meta, and not things like which weapons or magics are busted.

Both feel like polar opposites of each other. Magic combat feels way more aerial focused due to each option feeling only intended to work in the air, alongside skills like high jump granting further aerial mobility. Weapons on the other hand are basically meant for ground use only. You can’t aim in the air and just fall down. It’s also way harder to be precise midair then the ground.

WoM mainly focuses on aerial combat. This makes it feel like magics are way better suited for this combat style and weapons feeling kinda pointless. Currently, weapon skills have been made pretty dumb to counter this. They don’t feel like they’re precise or need skill most of the time.

You have greatspin which is basically just press this for dmg, rising tide which is a free ass get out of free card and vastira which basically greatspin 2. These AoE skills all feel extremely brain-dead and spammable. Then there’s projectiles such as daggers and spear. These can be really spammy since they have barely any risk to use and can be pretty rewarding.

tl;dr weapons been designed as dumb spammy moves hard to punish moves to make them have a use in combat.

  1. Weapons will have more creative moves in the future.

  2. Since they’re polar opposites like you said, then isn’t that a good thing? It gives diversity and balance to PvP

I think its a good thing to have diversity, at the same time these 2 feel like they don’t mix nicely and should be one or the other. They should of course still have their own feel and differences to each other still.

For the last time, we should have diversity and creativity early on.

not sure what your point is here
you said magic and weapons are opposites
then said magic is good in the air and make weapons pointless
then you said weapons are too good

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the point was wom focuses too much on aerial combat. if combat was more of both then leaning towards 1 most of the time, I feel like it could work. Weapon m1 slashes dont work on the ground, but when it comes to skills its different. They are insanely dumb and breaindead to allow them to be usable. Hopefully I tried to cover up any confusion.