Magic casting and styles

Personally, I feel that the magics could be drastically proved upon. They all feel kind of plain, as while they are all different elements and have different effects and such, they could be improved on. What I’m thinking of is kind of like bending. For earth, iron, gold, wood, and crystal, they could all be drawing from the earth, similar to what earthbenders do. For water, ink, and acid, it could be like waterbending, where they also draw from an external source. The magics should generally all be unique in their own way, or at least not all be capable of doing the same thing, as that just feels plain.

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no but k


the games based around something sorta like Fairly Tail not Avatar


Arcane Cinematic Universe is-

  • Greek Mythology
  • One Piece
  • Fairy Tale

what the fuck

Having bending wouldn’t be “Unique.” There’s a million Avatar games. What we have, no other games have, a unique magic system with unique combat.

I hope this post is a joke but I know inside it isn’t.


Bending doesn’t fit lore wise


Would be cool, but just doesn’t fit into lore of game.

it IS possible for Vetex to adjust the magic system so that it works like this, but that would require changing some parts of the lore (not really a substantial amount, anyway, since the actual mechanics of magic aren’t really covered in-depth by the lore document as far as I’m concerned).

this is just a preference issue tbh. i’m personally ok with the magic system we have.

Even if it did work lore wise i think this is basically going having 1 type of magics to unlock 5 in that 1 category like basically if you went Water like he said Acid and Ink, If you went fire you’d get Magma Ash Explosion Plasma then if you did Earth it’d be Gold Iron Crystal tho it’d just be Metal and Crystal which you can already combo these with 2nd and 3rd magics instead of getting all of them with 1 single magic

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I think you just want this to be avatar bro lol sorry but this is based off fairy tail

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